Crab and Lobster Wall Decor in Hand Painted Metal - Haitian Steel Drum Metal Art
Tropical Art - Beach Decor - Nautical Art - Garden Decor - Handcrafted metal wall hanging

Island Decor – Tropical Painted Metal Wall Decor       Treat yourself to a brightly hand painted metal crab and lobster decorative piece. The tropical crab and lobster designs have been hand cut from recycled steel drum material with hammer and chisel at our workshop in Haiti. The details of the handcrafted crab and lobster garden decor wall hanging design have been pounded out to give it a rounded, realistic look. The tropical metal design is then hand painted in great detail. These make a wonderful wall hanging for indoors or as garden decor. 

For more info and a larger picture, please click on a small picture below.


Click to see out painted metal switchplate covers in a blue crab design. 


Thanks so much for getting back to me.  The order arrived today, and I'm delighted with the metal crabs!  Sincerely GC

Recycled steel drum metal art of Haiti - Tropic Accents  Haitian artists - Hand painted metal tropical art - Tropic Accents





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